Fibro, ME/CFS Babes & Guys! - Support Group for Gloucestershire/Cotswolds
What does Fibro Babes do?

We hold regular meetings 

We arrange social events

We are a member of Gloucestershire LINK which listens to patients views

We attend regular meetings in the Voluntary Sector who work with the service providers.

We attend meetings with other Support Groups and Conferences/lectures London.

We attend meetings with FMA UK.
We attend meetings at Westminster (many people have concerns about treatment, benefits and the training of GPs, also general awareness to the illenss)
We want to move away from this postcode lottery!
We need think about future generations

Why do Fibro Babes use a formal approach at meetings with an Agenda and Minutes?

We do this for the members who can't attend the meetings.  Even people who live in Cheltenham can't always attend meetings.  Some members prefer not to attend meetings; but just want to know what is going on in the Fibro world.  This approach is also useful for the members that work and can't attend meetings.  Also for the members who are stuck out in the sticks.

It is also important to have this information down so service providers can see what we like and want from them.

Is there a membership fee?
There is an annual membership of £18 or £25.00 for dual membership.

Why do you charge a fee?
This money is put towards the overheads of running a group.  No group can run on thin air!
For example, running this site costs in the region of £128 per year.
Other costs are:
Running two phones
Ink for the printer
Publicity material
Travel costs
Journals from the States
so on

Membership fees stop groups folding.  The more members, the more we can do.  It is tougher to get grants due to the present climate!