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Don't judge a book by its cover campaign

Fibro Babes has decided to launch a 'Don't Judge a Book by its Cover Campaign'.  She is getting fed up with the amount of people who are telling the group they look all well and there must be nothing wrong with them!  

Patron Sonia Poulton

Fibro Babes is very excited today as it a year today Sonia Poulton agreed to be our Patron.  Happy First Birthday Sonia!


Fibro Babes is freezing!   Winter clothes coming out!  Where is the Indian summer?

Happy Birthday!

Fibro Babes is very excited the group is four years old today!

Happy Birthday!

Grant Form

Just tried to do an application for a grant for the group.   Brain so foggy I hope it makes sense.  Sadly, tight deadline so could not get anyone to check.   Starting to see double!

Fibro Babes is back

Sorry readers for not being around for sometime.  I have slightly been in the walls keeping the NHS busy.  Injury after injury.  I promise I will continue to write!

Brain Fog and Pain

Fibro Babes is sorry she has not been writing recently!   She is not very good in the winter!  She has not only been in loads of pain, but her brain fog has been terrible.   For readers who don't understand brain fog.  It is when you brain feels fuzzy, your memory is poor, you lose everything and your concentration goes out of the window!

No light

Fibro Babes had no lights working in the kitchen and the bathroom, it resulted in the electrician coming out today to sort the problem out! Using a torch in the bathroom was no fun!

Red Rose

Fibro Babes was delighted to find a red rose outside her front door last night!  It matches the new door!

In the Walls

Fibro Babes has had enough!  She seems to be living on the sofa or bed.  Her elbow is locked and her left foot is up like a ballon.  She can't use to two crutches due to the elbow.  She has had no sleep due to pain.   Her doctors have been very understanding but want her to see her specialist.  Sadly, her specialist is snowed in!  She blames the British weather for this flare!  Suppose there is plenty of free ice to cool the joints down!