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Fibro Babes has had no sleep last night as her blinds decided to get stuck!   The bright lights from the Pump Room were too much!   She hopes that someone can come and fix them today!


Maybe robots are the solution to cleaning!!


It is very difficult to keep on top of the housework when you had a number of illnesses.   It is suggested that most of us like to be perfect and should lower our standards.  However, Fibro Babes disagrees.   We just want a clean house.  We can't afford to employ someone to clean.   It is particularly important when you have asthma.  We are only trying to help our health.  It is just common sense!

Bank statement

Fibro Babes bank statement came through this morning and her computer crashed!!!
Too much information!

Disabled loo at Westminster

Fibro Babes is getting extremely concerned about government cutbacks. Fibro Patsy found that the disabled loo in the House of Commons had no light bulb.  She was lucky as she had a torch.  Fibro Babes advice is that we all carry torches when we make a visit there.


Granny Annie and Fibro Babes are getting very confused by the new bin system!  They want to be green but Fibro Babes with her brain fog and Granny Annie not being in her prime anymore are finding the concept difficult! Granny Annie says "Too many boxes dears!"