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Fibro Babes is getting fed up she can't put shoes on!  Her feet seem to be constantly swollen!
When she was younger the problem was all shoes were too wide due to narrow feet!

More tests

Fibro Babes went to Gloucester Royal to see a very nice Specialist yesterday.  It was thought originally she had gout as it runs in Granny Annie's family but she is not sure as Fibro Babes is too young.  There is damage to the big toe.  Fibro Babes is waiting for xrays on her other foot and hands.  Fibro Babes is rather worried as she has such a problem with meds.  


Not a good night with foot!  I wish I could get some proper sleep!


Fibro Babes hopes the warmer weather will come soon!  She has not been able to wear normal shoes since January due to pain and swelling.  She is getting fairly cold in the flip flop things!