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In the walls

Fibro Babes is still behind on the blogging.   It has been agreed by the Specialist today that Fibro Babes is having allergic reactions to most meds.   It must be very hard for a doctor to treat you when their only tools are drugs.   Fibro Babes needs another scan on the foot.  The whole situation is becoming a nightmare!  Natural alternatives are needed for the ones that can't take conventional meds!

Burning mouth

Fibro Babes wishes this burning mouth would go!

Book on Side Effects

Fibro Babes is behind on the blogging thing.   She is getting fed up as on more steroids and another new drug.  More side-effects not coping!  She feels it might be a good idea to write a book on SIDE EFFECTS OF MEDS. She has now become an expert!  Her body is saying no more!